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Hayley Roughley

Hayley Roughley - Conveyancing Paralegal

Email: hroughley@steindls.com.au

Hayley began her conveyancing career in the ACT in 1997. She then moved to QLD in 2007 and managed QLD files for over 6 years before returning to the ACT to manage large scale off the plan developments. Halyey returned to QLD in early 2018. 

During this time Hayley has gained years of professional experience in mangaging ACT, NSW and QLD conveyancing files. 

Hayley is enthusiastic and passionate about conveyancing whether it be everyday mum and dad conveyancing or large scale developements. 

Hayley is proud of the knowledge and experience she has obtained over the years and with that experience she can confidently say that she achieves the desired results for her clients. 

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